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Clara DIREZ ( Team France)

Clara DIREZ ( Team France)  just opened her first blog..

I’ve just started this blog so you can follow my adventures. You’ll see in it my life as a ski racer but also as an aspiring plane pilot. I’ll try to share with you my experiences and also my hobbies.
Photo credit ©Z0OM agence
But first, a little introduction is needed. I’m 22 years old and member of the French alpine ski team since 2012. Born in a family of skiers, I’ve started skiing as soon as I’ve learned to walk.
I’ve then followed my school days in different colleges and high schools, all with a special schedule to make it possible to ski and learn ! I’m currently studying in the University Joseph Fourier in Grenoble, the Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics, because I’m not only dreaming of skiing, I’m also dreaming of flying! 
Later, after my skiing carrier, I’d like to become a plane pilot. And for now, i’ve just started to fly on smalls planes. I’m following a formation to get my private licence (PPL for the insiders …)
Concerning my skiing carrier, I don’t have a long track record yet, but I plan to rectify it very soon ( maybe this year!). Anyway, I’ve some titles that I’m proud of, especially in giant slalom; in 2012 I’ve won the YOG; I’ve scored points in World Cup two times ( 24th place each) in 2016. And I’ve 3 podiums in Europa Cup ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd). I’m currently at the 45th place of the World ranking in giant.
This year, I hurt my knee which has ended my season sooner than expected. Then, a long period of rehabilitation has started, but i’ll talk about it later. 
For the upcoming season, I’ll be racing mostly in Europa Cup, but I plan to make few apparitions in the World Cup tour. Well, i say « few », but as I wish to enter the top 30, I’ll have to race more than a « few » World Cups
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About the community..


Few Fan Community members celebrating World Cup return at Squaw Valley CA March 2017

The first ever Ski World Cup  Fan Community 

Our community was born from both the race skiing passion combined with the festival spirit generated by the fans themselves which exudes intense emotion which is extremely gratifying for the athletes themselves. We are all fond of skiing and therefore we compete in the first cup in the races reserved for summer visitors organized by the ski resorts as part of convivial challenges.
The champions… the right stuff!
It is difficult to imagine the amount of grit required to become a ski champion. It involves risks, potential injuries, gruelling training periods, interminable punishing rehearsals. Remember one is not naturally born to be a champion but one develops into a champion through relentless obstination and dedication! Can you Imagine the champions being launched and barrelling down at 110 klm/h on ice with a mere helmet displaying their sponsor’s logo as a futile protection!? How can one feel not moved by the intensity of their dedication!? Therefore, fans like ourselves are always around backing them up to the hilt!!!
Our way to support & cheer the top level athletes.
Mikaela Glorious return to the races with a new win. Crans Montana 2016
 Most athletes have private backing usually related to the area where they were born or from a member of their families but many athletes are struggling to live up to a promising career and eventually give up because low public attendance generate little interest from media. What can be done about it? National federations whose financing varies subject to the States involved which will be further developed in a forthcoming article. IFIS, sponsors and local organisers make it possible for the magic of the world cup to be kept alive and kicking!!!!  Fans are of paramount importance to back the teams from the public areas and to promote the development of FIS
Let’s now see how the athletes’ support can be organised.
Waving banners to support the athletes and their respective teams How can the banners be made available? They are Free to be downloaded with a high definition print. If you join our group, at a venue which we attend we can have the printing done for you.
The Fan Community is international several languages coexist but the one and only lingua franca is our passion, our friendship mixed with emotion and respect.