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We are excited to welcome you to the first ever website dedicated entirely to the worldwide ski racing fans who love to support racers and their efforts to both compete and entertain us.
We have created a website that everyone may visit and easily find all things Ski Racing related, but our goal is to provide the fans connection with other supporters who attend the upcoming events and races.

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Racers and teams love your support.IMG_3620..Our professional partners provide awesome banner designs. Become a community member, download your banner, print it, bring it to the races, meet your favorite racer and get an autograph. We provide the ability for you to customize your own banner, which is a great way to show your individualized support .

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This is specially created for fans connections and will help you meet other supporters around the world. We will also provide you with assistance and direct you to racer or national ski team fan clubs…..
FORUMAny question?.. Do not hesitate to send us email, we will answer all inquiries  ( Language : English, French or German)

A Worldwide fans connection
This is your chance…The contributors of this space are from both Europe and America. One of the most important facets of this site should be to excite the new fans and keep our long term fans. We encourage each other to be vocal and attend events. This site is made up of multiple fan clubs and race teams and no one will be left behind. Please know that we invite and request your input, no need or thought will be lost.  Come, join the best World Cup fans in the world and live the life of the fast and furious downhillers  and technicians.
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Fans, Clubs, Ski teams, Alpine Ski World Cup Organization or suppliers…
BLOGWe look forward the incoming World Cup season to providing you with a community blog platform which will be very exciting, with all the help we can provide.
Help us make your involvement even more fulfilling by participating from all parts of the world… 
After the huge success at Squaw Valley California, Aspen Colorado and Killington Vermont, we are blessed that FIS confirmed with two races in the United States, at Killington in addition to the races at Beaver Creek, unfortunately cancelled last season due to lack of snow.
February 2018 …
Lastly, the Winter Olympics in Korea and the World Cup Final in Are “Sweden” will be the highlight of the year. We are so excited for this !

– Powder Magazine USA
        The #1 Fan On the World Cup      By 
Lionel Agoutin, from France, travels the world to cheer for ski racers with his homemade posters;
The White Circus is almost known as much for the elite ski racers who compete on the World Cup tour as it is for its rabid fan base. To show up and cheer for your favorite skier is one thing. But to fly overseas with homemade posters and an entourage—like Lionel Agoutin, from France—is quite another … Read more  http://www.powder.com/stories/interviews/the-1-fan-on-the-world-cup/#9hFA6JhsL3uQGvVL.99